Sophie gets one step closer to the Master of Wine qualification

We were extremely delighted to learn that Sophie has passed the rigorous Master of Wine blind tasting exams that she sat in June of this year. The results were released this month and she was one of the very few in the world that successfully passed the three blind tasting exams, which comprise 12 blind wines per paper to be sat in 2 hrs 15 mins, so almost 7 hours of examination over three days. Candidates are expected to identify the wine as closely as possible (which can be any style and from anywhere in the world), and write authoritatively and convincingly on such things as its variety, origin, quality level, winemaking, commercial potential and maturity, all within the allocated time frame of 10 minutes per wine! 

Last year she passed the five theory examinations so this means she is now onto the final stage, the research paper which is a 10,000 word paper on a specialist subject within the wine industry. 

Thank you to every one who has supported her over this arduous journey and we are looking forward to her getting through this final stage!   



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