Blank Canvas Curate Case - August 2023

Blank Canvas Curate Case - August 2023
Blank Canvas Curate Case - August 2023
Blank Canvas Curate Case - August 2023
The Curate Case consists of 3 delicious bottles of wine carefully chosen by Matt + Sophie each month. You'll receive 2 bottles of Blank Canvas - either current, library or preview releases - as well as a special guest wine each month.
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Curate by Blank Canvas is the simplest way to obtain monthly vinous enlightenment.

Each month, Sophie and Matt will use their finely-tuned palates and worldly wine-consuming experience to curate a pack of wine that’s very different to your ordinary winery-club subscription.

We’ll be bringing in a guest wine each month to complement our favourite Blank Canvas wines of the moment – there will be an engaging theme, and we’re not limiting it to just New Zealand wines (of which we have plenty of favourites!). We’ll be considering seasonality, what’s particularly inspired us or the wines that make us want to take a snap with our phone and post it to our Instagram stories. We’ll be giving you the opportunity to tap into our network of friends, colleagues and darn-good winemakers around the world to share in their wonderful creations.   

We guarantee no matter what that each month you’ll be getting exciting wines, including the odd library wine from our cellar, or a tantalising newly released number. 

It’s curation, education and sensory pleasure in one parcel. 

Want a Curate Pack each month? Follow these easy steps. 

Step One: Check out online with the current Curate case on offer. Due to the nature of different wines being included each month, the monthly price varies but is always within a $120.00-$200.00 range. 

Step Two: Receive your first Curate Case immediately, while future Curate Cases will be confirmed and invoiced to you on the 1st of each month and shipped to you upon payment. You can opt out at any time. 

Step Three: Enjoy your vinous enlightenment! 

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