Holdaway Vineyard

Subregion: Dillons Point 
Valley: Wairau Valley 
Region: Marlborough

Grows: Sauvignon Blanc
Wine: Blank Canvas Sauvignon Blanc and Blank Canvas 'Abstract' Sauvignon Blanc

Growers: The Holdaway Family - Alan & Janette, Richard & Mary, Robbie. 

Source of our Blank Canvas Sauvignon Blanc and 'Abstract' Sauvignon Blanc, the Holdaway Family has held land in Dillons Point for generations. In 1842 James Holdaway arrived in New Zealand, and in 1864 he purchased land on the Lower Wairau plains which he called Lowlands.  This is the same property on which his descendants now grow grapes.

Soils and Climate: The soil type in this vineyard are very young, alluvial silts on top of sand. The silts are full of salts and add a mineral and salty complexity to the palate. In addition, the high level of nutrients in the soil provide for high volatile thiol levels which are expressed as passion fruit, blackcurrant and grapefruit flavours. The proximity to the ocean makes for cooler nights in summer and therefore a fresh backbone of acidity and powerful, lifted aromatics.

Vineyard: We machine harvest the fruit for the Blank Canvas Sauvignon Blanc and hand-pick the fruit for the Blank Canvas 'Abstract' Sauvignon Blanc. The latter block is dry-farmed.

Grower Philosophy: The Holdaways are involved intimately with their land. While not certified organic or biodynamic, the family’s commitment to the sustainability of the land and its longevity for further generations is obvious and part of the everyday running of the vineyard.  They make their own compost to keep the soil lively and healthy, have several unirrigated blocks (quite unusual in Marlborough), and are always looking at ways to improve vine and soil health.


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