Berekah Estate Vineyard

Subregion: Rapaura  
Valley: Wairau Valley 
Region: Marlborough

Grows: Gruner Veltliner - Blank Canvas Gruner Veltliner

Grower: Malcolm Adams

Berekah Estate is the source of our Blank Canvas Gruner Veltliner with our first official vintage in 2010. Grower and friend Malcolm Adams planted Gruner when it first because available to plant in New Zealand after discussing with Matt the variety's exciting potential in Marlborough. 

Soils and Climate: The soil type in this vineyard is a mixture of alluvial silts, clay and loam. The climate with its long days and cool nights ensure the acidity of Gruner Veltliner is maintained, while the moderate vigour soil is perfect for ensuring the yield remains at a low level. 

Vineyard: Planted in 2009, the 1 ha site grows two clones of Gruner Veltliner and is an ex-Merlot site. The vines are cane pruned and VSP-trained. We green thin the crop to ensure a low yield and hand-harvest the fruit once it goes through the colour transformation from green to golden. 

Grower Philosophy: Malcolm is a trained viticulturist and local consultant, working with vineyards for over thirty years. He bought the piece of land that the Gruner Veltliner eventually was planted on in the late 1980s. His fundamental philosophy is soil health, and he firmly believes if the soil is not happy, the vines will not be either. Malcolm's son is now also involved in viticulture, carrying on the family passion of vineyard management and development. 

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